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Your family's comfort is important to us. We realize that buying a new furnace is a significant investment in your home, and you want the furnace that meets your needs. You also want an experienced contractor, so you can rest assured that the job was done right.

We've served the Eau Claire area for over 40 years, and are a fully insured, Wisconsin state-certified HVAC contractor.

Our product selection reflects our business philosophy - keep things simple. This is not a list of every product that's available to us; this is a list of the products that we've found meet the heating needs of the vast majority of our customers.

Our pricing on these products is also simple. On this page we give you the average installed cost of each product we sell. The price you pay may be a little more or less, but the prices on this page are solid figures that you can plan a budget around.

Goodman 96.1% GMEC Gas Furnace

The Goodman 96.1% GMEC gas furnace represents about 94% of our sales. With it's two-stage burner operation and whisper-quiet multi-speed (ECM) blower, it offers a greater degree of comfort for your home while reducing your gas and electrical bills. You can keep your existing thermostat if you choose to keep installation costs low. This furnace also features a rugged silicone nitride ignitor, lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger, and 10 year parts & labor warranty. Furthermore, Xcel Energy does not charge to run a gas line under 100 feet. It can also be converted for use with propane gas for an additional $125.00.

The average installed cost of this furnace is $2750.00

Eligible For These Rebates & Credits

$125 Focus On Energy Rebate (Print Rebate Form)
$100 Matching Xcel Energy Rebate
*Focus On Energy's income-based Tier 2 Rewards may be available. Click here to see if you qualify.
**Seperate rebate structure for LP (Propane) furnaces. Please inquire for details.

Goodman 92% GMSS Gas Furnace

The Goodman 92% GMSS gas furnace represents about 4% of our sales. It operates as a one-stage gas furnace. You can also keep your existing thermostat if you choose to keep installation costs low. It has a multi-speed blower unit, long lasting silicone nitride ignitor, 10 year parts & labor warranty, and a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. This furnace is an excellent pick for LP gas applications.

The average installed cost of this furnace is $2495.00

Not Eligible For Any Rebates or Credits

Ultravation ProgressiveMedia Air Cleaner

Our Ultravation Media Air Cleaner offers superior filtration and exceptional indoor air quality for your home. Unlike conventional air filters, the Ultravation offers sponge-rubber gasketing around the entirety of the filter, preventing all residual dust and allergens from cycling through your home. It also features a filter cartridge that typically only requires replacement once a year, making changing your filter much easier to remember.

The average installed cost of this media cleaner is $395.00

Olsen Oil Furnace

These Olsen oil furnaces represent 2% of our sales but offer the homeowner some advantages. Many people prefer the warmer feel of oil heat. And they like knowing that they own the fuel in their tank.

Homeowners living in the country often choose oil heat because they are not on a gas line. Our Olsen oil furnace is up to 85% efficient. It features a flame-retention burner, multi-speed blower, lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and 5 year parts warranty.

The average installed cost of this furnace is $2920.00

There are no rebates or tax credits for this furnace.

Other Heating Types

We specialize in warm-air heating systems, but we also offer services for other gas-fired appliances as well, including residential boilers, fireplaces and inserts, and space-heating.

Simply contact us for more details regarding your project, and we'll be happy to provide a free estimate.

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